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Hello 👋 I'm Álvaro Ramírez. I'm building lmno.lol.
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Hey mouse, don't mess with my Emacs font size

Emacs: git rename, courtesy of dired

Fresh Eyes now on the App Store

Fresh Eyes: 20-20-20 for macOS

Emacs 29.3 emergency release

Emacs: Toggling the continuation indicator

The Org bundle

sqlite-mode-extras on MELPA

Som tam salad dressing recipe (improvised)

My first bread (pane dei Castelli recipe)

Seafood stew recipe

A Cloudflare Workers primer: hello world

A chatgpt-shell compose ux experiment

A Murder at the End of the World: Are you Vi or Emacs?

An basic Mullvad WireGuard setup for macOS

An iOS journaling app powered by org plain text

Building your own bookmark launcher

Native Emacs/macOS UX integrations via Swift modules

Migrating/re-encrypting pass's password store

How I smash burgers

Open in Xcode at line number

Trimming video screenshots

Displaying image details in mode line

Creating an iCloud account (via tart VM)

Virtual machine (VM) bookmarks

Emacs hangs saving .authinfo.gpg (workaround)

Redact that buffer

Send note to Kindle

SHA-256 hash from URL, the easy way

Inline previous result and why you should edebug

Further sqlite-mode extensions

My custom Tesco Clubcard pkpass

Extending sqlite-mode (cell navigation + edits)

Emacs 29's sqlite-mode

Emacs: scan this QR/bar code

A cure for JavaScript fatigue?

ChatGPT visits the Emacs doctor

chatgpt-shell v0.60.1 updates

Duplicate this!

Stitching images from the comfort of dired

noweb: the lesser known org babel glue

Deleting from Emacs sequence vars

Sprinkle me logs

dwim-shell-command on Windows + upload to 0x0.st

chatgpt-shell siblings now on MELPA also

Generating elisp org docs

LLM bookmarks

chatgpt-shell updates

Recording and screenshotting windows: the lazy way

ob-swiftui updates

My Emacs eye candy

shell-maker, a maker of Emacs shells

Flat Habits 1.1.4 released

A ChatGPT Emacs shell

`*scratch*` a new minimal org mode scratch area for iOS

Chicken Karaage recipe

Emacs: org-present in style

Emacs: insert and render SF symbols

Emacs: Macro me some SF Symbols

Emacs: ffmpeg and macOS aliasing commands

Emacs: Context-aware yasnippets

Emacs: quickly killing processes

Hey Emacs, change the default macOS app for…

Hey Emacs, where did I take that photo?

Emacs: A welcoming experiment

Emacs: Open with macOS app

Improving on Emacs macOS sharing

Emacs: macOS sharing (DWIM style)

Emacs: Reveal in macOS Finder (DWIM style)

Plain Org v1.5 released

dwim-shell-command usages: pdftotext and scp

\$ rm Important.txt (uh oh!)

Cycling through window layouts (revisited)

dwim-shell-command with template prompts

Seamless command-line utils

Emacs freebie: macOS emoji picker

dwim-shell-command video streams

An accentuated Emacs experiment (à la macOS)

dwim-shell-command improvements

dwim-shell-command on Melpa

A lifehack for your shell

Emacs zones to lift you up

Emacs: DWIM shell command (multi-language)

png to icns (Emacs DWIM style)

Emacs: Password-protect current pdf (revisited)

Emacs DWIM shell-command

Emacs: Password-protect current pdf

Plain Org v1.4 released

Plain Org v1.3 released

Plain Org v1.2.1 released

Emacs DWIM: swiper vs isearch vs phi-search

Grandma's vanilla pound cake

Emacs: viewing webp images

Emacs: Fuzzy search Apple's online docs

Plain Org v1.2 released

Happy New Year and forming new habits

Plain Org v1.1 released 🎄☃️

Emacs bends again

Plain Org has joined the chat (iOS)

Plain Org for iOS (a month later)

Org habits on iOS? Check! Tasks, you're next

Flat Habits 1.1 released

macOS: Show in Finder / Show in Emacs

Emacs: smarter search and replace

Previewing SwiftUI layouts in Emacs (revisited)

Blurring the lines between shell and editor

xcodebuild's SPM support (Xcode 11)

Emacs org block completion on melpa

Emacs DWIM: do what ✨I✨ mean

Emacs link scraping (2021 edition)

OCR bookmarks

gpg: decryption failed: No secret key (macOS)

Emacs plus –with-native-comp

Cycling window layouts with hammerspoon

Flat Habits meets org agenda

Flat Habits v1.0.1 (org import menu)

Flat Habits for iOS (powered by org)

Frictionless org habits on iOS

Symbolicating iOS crashes

Emacs: mu4e icons

Luxembourg travel bookmarks

South Africa travel bookmarks

Swift package code coverage (plus Emacs overlay)

Hiking bookmarks


Chess bookmarks

40 Coolest neighbourhoods in the world

Emacs: Rotate my macOS display

Emacs: Clone git repo from clipboard

Pulled pork recipe

Zettelkasten bookmarks

Battlestation bookmarks

Emacs: chaining org babel blocks

Emacs: quote wrap all in region

Emacs: org block complete and edit

Emacs: create a Swift package/project

Improved Ctrl-p/Ctrl-n macOS movement

Basmati rice pudding recipe

Adding images to pdfs (macOS)

DIY bookmarks

Skiing bookmarks

Emacs: search/play Music (macOS)

Cheese cake recipe (no crust)

Faster macOS dock auto-hide

Smarter Swift snippets

Swift package manager build for iOS

QR code bookmarks

Trying out gccemacs on macOS

SwiftUI macOS desk clock

Mending bookmarks

ffmpeg bookmarks

Black lives matter (BLM) bookmarks

Dogs bookmarks

Emacs, search hackingwithswift.com

Preview SwiftUI layouts using Emacs org blocks

Open Emacs elfeed links in the background

Enrich Emacs dired's batching toolbox

Banana oats pancakes recipe

Emacs: connect my Bluetooth speaker

Duti: changing default macOS apps

Neapolitan pizza recipe

Oatmeal cookie recipe

TIL (today I learned) bookmarks

mu/mu4e 1.4 released

Libya travel bookmarks

Trimming videos with ffmpeg

Emacs's counsel-M-x meets multiple cursors

Portland travel bookmarks

String inflection Emacs package

Turkey travel bookmarks

Dal Makhani (black lentils) recipe

Modern Emacs lisp libraries

Emacs smartparens auto-indent

Emacs counsel default search switches

Enhanced Emacs searching with counsel switches

Emacs org block company completion

IRC bookmarks

A more reusable Emacs shell-command history

Taiwan travel bookmarks

Emacs swiper and multiple cursors

Speeding up gifs with gifsycle

Spam blacklisting with Emacs org babel

Rewriting dates with Emacs multiple cursors

Show/hide Emacs dired details in style

Bulk buying bookmarks

Speeding up Emacs tramp via ControlMaster

csv bookmarks

Slovakia travel bookmarks

Thumbnailing pdf page

Outdoor bookmarks

gnuplot bookmarks

gnu global, ctags, and Emacs setup

mu4e as macOS mail composer

New sudo user snippet

Plotting ledger reports in org

Changing MAC address in org

Charting bookmarks

Building swift-format

Ledger query snippets

Batch file renaming with counsel, find-dired, and wdired

VPS bookmarks

Svelte bookmarks

Mark region, indent, restore location

Wider web bookmarks

Compound interest calculations

Building mu/mu4e on macOS

Reading spreadsheets with python/pandas

Inserting numbers with Emacs multiple cursors

Brazil travel bookmarks

Bath travel bookmarks

Half marathon training

No Emacs frame refocus on macOS

Checksums on linux/macOS

Language server protocol (LSP) bookmarks

Copy from desktop to mobile via QR code

Parsing dates in Go

Life in the UK bookmarks

C language bookmarks

Video editing bookmarks

Icons bookmarks

Salt beef recipe

Geneva travel bookmarks

Swapping Emacs ivy collections/sources

Podcast bookmarks

Emacs on macOS Mojave

Trying out Emacs pdf tools

ASCII art generator bookmarks

Osaka travel bookmarks

Using OCR to create searchable pdfs from images

Audiobook providers bookmarks

Cookbook bookmarks

Emailing pdfs to kindle from mu4e

org tip: convert csv to table

Sponsoring platform bookmarks

Artistic/creative bookmarks

Marketing bookmarks

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) bookmarks

Fun project bookmarks

Snowboarding bookmarks

Scam bookmarks

Passive income bookmarks

DWIM ivy quit

Diffing directories content size

Swift nil-coalescing operator

Ocado vs Asda (org table)

Execute org blocks as root

Inline Swift computed properties

Multiline Swift strings

Quickly swapping elfeed filters

Converting docx to pdf on macOS

Faster elfeed browsing with paging

Faster junk mail deletion with mu4e

Working with vultr's ipv6-only instances

Shaving bookmarks

Buy it for life bookmarks

Rust bookmarks

Fonts bookmarks

imenu on Emacs eshell

Encrypted disk image on macOS

Sheffield travel bookmarks

Headsphones bookmarks

macOS app bookmarks

Gaming bookmarks

Lua bookmarks

Skin product bookmarks

Sustainability bookmarks

Investment platform bookmarks

Minimalist bookmarks

Recover from Time Machine's "backup already in use"

CMake bookmarks

GTD/Get things done bookmarks

Pandoc bookmarks

Mauritius travel bookmarks

Scala bookmarks

Actionable URLs in Emacs buffers

Bazel bookmarks

Palestine travel bookmarks

Enabling Control-Meta(⌘)-D on macOS

Recycling bookmarks

Comoro islands travel bookmarks

France travel bookmarks

Corsica travel bookmarks

Mozambique travel bookmarks

M-r history search in git-commit-mode

Morning smoothie

Installing ludget (ledger visualization

Ledger bookmarks

Tip: Convert .texi to .info

Marking 20k emails as read

Show iOS simulator touches

Amsterdam travel bookmarks

Hardware bookmarks

fitbit API, org babel, and gnuplot

PIPESTATUS for all return codes

Emacs utilities for your OS

Web serving tools bookmarks

URL shortener bookmarks

Trying out mu4e with mbsync

Sticky function keys on touch bar

GNU find on macOS

PlantUML bookmarks

Adding mu4e maildirs extension

Trying out mu4e and offlineimap

Transparent Emacs titlebars on macOS

Lunette: Like Spectacle but for Hammerspoon

Train Emacs to open files externally

Show hidden files in Finder

Ejecting USB drives on Synology

Remounting Synology encrypted share

Synology user had no home

Pre-commit hooks to save you from yourself

Azores travel bookmarks

Debugging Emacs binary

Paper less bookmarks

Bologna travel bookmarks

Grep through pdfs

Hammerspoon bookmarks

Options to reduce Go binary size

Trying out tesseract

Sapporo travel bookmarks

Gif bookmarks

Trying out ShellCheck

Image editing bookmarks

Buying matcha powder online

Getting macOS app bundle ID

Trying out chunkwm

Building bazel on macOS

Extracting files from pkg

Installing Inkscape with homebrew

Magit amend commit author

Homebrew install from cache

org-babel Objective-C support

iOS dev command-line goodies

Eshell pcomplete company completion

Basic imenu in helpful-mode

Projectile shell dir company completion

Creating icns icons

Forcing aptX on MacOS bluetooth audio

Hungary travel bookmarks

Faster cursor movement on macOS

Search/insert one-liners with Emacs helm-ag

Sleep bookmarks

Tea bookmarks

Math bookmarks

GnuPG and macOS

Installing gnuplot on macOS

Tel Aviv travel bookmarks

Jerusalem travel bookmarks

Nepal travel bookmarks

Singapore notes

Email provider bookmarks

Go snippets

Javascript snippets

Sydney travel bookmarks

Laos travel bookmark

Singapore travel bookmarks

Cambodia travel bookmarks

New York travel bookmarks

API design bookmarks

Handy pdf utilities

Fuzzy search Emacs compile history

Jumping on the Emacs 25 bandwagon

San Francisco's Mission District travel bookmarks

Moscow travel bookmarks

Vietnam travel bookmarks

Pokémon Go bookmarks

Coffee bookmarks

Machine learning bookmarks

Emacs and emotional vocab

Emacs: Find number of days between dates

RoutingHTTPServer snippet

Alaska travel bookmarks

UIViewController bookmarks

When OOO impulse kicks in…

Pakistan travel bookmarks

Money bookmarks

Scotland travel bookmarks

St. Petersburg travel bookmarks

8 week half-marathon training

Haskell bookmarks

Haskell notes

Emacs Objective-C tagging with RTags

Database bookmarks

Python tips backlog

Bruges travel bookmarks

Emacs lisp snippets

Some modern Objective-C idioms

Cross-platform development bookmarks

Generating a random MAC address

Defined elisp variables matching regexp

Proselint via Emacs flycheck

Generate go struct definition from json file

Doh! undo last commit (Magit edition)

Redux bookmarks

Javascript tips backlog

Emacs lisp tips backlog

Entering accents in Emacs

Really delete iPhone photos

Vancouver travel bookmarks

Schnitzel recipe

Hot reloading with react and redux

Converting Unix epoc time to human readable date

Objective-C bookmarks

Timesinking bookmarks

Suspend and reattach processes

Czech Republic travel bookmarks

Meditation tips backlog

Append jpegs in a video sequence

Regular expressions bookmarks

Typescript bookmarks

Hiding HTML elements

Echo Emacs keybiding from function name

Emacs dired for batch byte compilation

Serializing to JSON on iOS

Fischer's London: yes, but…

Polar travel bookmarks

Sweden travel bookmarks

Handwriting bookmarks

Chocolate fondant recipe

Parenting bookmarks

Ippudo London: yes, but…

Added Emacs zone-rainbow

Safari's Web Inspector keyboard shortcuts

Copenhagen travel bookmarks

Import UIKit for simpler debugging

iOS development tips backlog

Basic Emacs keybindings on Linux desktop

Emacs Objective-C completion with Irony

Finland travel bookmarks

Northern lights travel bookmarks

Mexico travel bookmarks

Emacs highlight-symbol-mode

Gandhi's ever-contemporary wisdom

Functional programming bookmarks

9 Productivity tips

First meal of 2016

Last meal of 2015

Find in \$PATH with type and which

npm basics

Clojure bookmarks

Mac OS X tips backlog

Search bash history with Emacs helm

Medicine bookmarks

View DICOM files from your X-ray

Tip: GOOGLETRANSLATE your Spreadsheet

Organize your data with camlistore

Maps dev bookmarks

Use ImageMagick to convert image to grayscale

Drill down Emacs dired with dired-subtree

GPG (GnuPG) examples

CSS bookmarks

Resume partial downloads with ssh and rsync

Emacs text faces

Preview HTML pages on github

Flutter setup

Playing with Dart's analysis server

Dart bookmarks

Flutter bookmarks

Swift bookmarks

Installing Emacs spaceline

package.el incomprehensible buffer

Leading bookmarks

Online reading backlog

Travel lifestyle bookmarks

SQL bookmarks

Unix/Linux tools bookmarks

Couchbase React Native bookmarks

Installing Emacs 25 devel on Mac OS X

Diagram tools bookmarks

Licensing bookmarks

Synology bookmarks

Backup bookmarks

Making hummus

Nara travel bookmarks

Kubernetes bookmarks

Docker bookmarks

Angular bookmarks

Mac OS bookmarks


Traditional music bookmarks

Recover from an unresponsive Emacs

Training for under 50 min 10k run

Reading a running training plan

Find binary in PATH using python

Indonesia travel bookmarks

Malaysia travel bookmarks

Mongolia travel bookmarks

Running bookmarks

Media player bookmarks

Get Emacs to gather links in posts

UX toolbox bookmarks

Change Emacs shell's CWD with helm projectile

Thermostat reset on Bosch WKD28350GB

Javascript fetch node sample

Extract dominant colors in images

Find a word with regex and WordNet

Soundcloud's Go best practices (GopherCon 2014)

Sync pip with Mac OS updates

Chinatown treats review

React bookmarks

Chinese rice vinegar

Use ImageMagick to batch-resize images

Lucky 7 review

Sierra Leone travel bookmarks

London travel bookmarks

Use ImageMagick to auto-orient images

Bengali Macher Jhol

New habits for 2015

Meditation retreats bookmarks

Human memory bookmarks

Mindfulness/meditation bookmarks

Learning bookmarks

Bundi travel bookmarks

Upgrading PL30 headphones


Bhutan travel bookmarks

Cooking bookmarks

9 week half-marathon training

Shanghai travel bookmarks

Singapore job board bookmarks

Germany travel bookmarks

Menorca travel bookmarks

Travel tools bookmarks

Philippines travel bookmarks

Add site-specific browsers to your workflow

Sardinia travel bookmarks

Open closest build file in Emacs

Create iOS static fat libraries

Settling scores with an org table

Recognize new password prompts in Emacs shell

Bosnia and Hercegovina travel bookmarks

Ireland travel bookmarks

Pizza in London

mp4 to gif

Keyboards bookmarks

United States travel bookmarks

Lebanon travel bookmarks

Slovenia travel bookmarks

Belgium travel bookmarks

Fishing with Emacs

California travel bookmarks

Rebind caps lock to control key on Mac OS X

Searchable ebooks in Emacs

Portugal travel bookmarks

Bulgaria travel bookmarks

Presenting bookmarks

Bali travel bookmarks

WWDC app for OS X

Debugging Objective-C reference cycles

London grub

My working playlist

Xcode bookmarks

Costa Rica travel bookmarks

Australia travel bookmarks

Samoa travel bookmarks

Norway travel bookmarks

Los Angeles travel bookmarks

Mastering Emacs is out

South Carolina travel bookmarks

Colorado travel bookmarks

Bash bookmarks


Seatle travel bookmarks

Berlin travel bookmarks



Flushing empty lines in Emacs

Regex bookmarks

Write to temp iOS snippet

Greece travel bookmarks

Sri Lanka travel bookmarks

Switzerland travel bookmarks

Thailand travel bookmarks

Madagascar travel bookmarks

Hong Kong travel bookmarks

Barcelona travel bookmarks

Iceland travel bookmarks

Building clang-format

Programmatic iOS Auto Layout

Learning Japanese bookmarks

Japan travel bookmarks

Kyoto travel bookmarks

Tokyo travel bookmarks

UK travel bookmarks

Development quotes

Development philosophy

Spain travel bookmarks

Meet up bookmarks

Plantuml example


Youtube videos in your org html export

.net bookmarks

UK property bookmarks

Git commit message style

fci-mode and org-html-export-to-html bug

Try cocoapods out

Cornwall travel bookmarks

Austria travel bookmarks

Cinnamon desktop run dialog

Books for 2015

Ayahuasca bookmarks

Emacs init.el bookmarks

CSS vertical align using flex

London diving schools

Helm buffer URLs

Doh! undo last git commit

Resetting variables using defvar

Broken Xcode plugins?

Born to Run references

Org tips from 2015-03-18 Emacs hangout

Food bookmarks

Ethiopia travel bookmarks

China travel bookmarks

South Korea travel bookmarks

Sharing on iOS

San Francisco travel bookmarks

Istanbul travel bookmarks

Rome travel bookmarks

Italy travel bookmarks

Emacs lisp debug on entry

Burma travel bookmarks

OS X Screencasts to animated GIF

Writing Xcode plugins

Uninstalling Alcatraz from Xcode

Prefill Emacs swiper with current region

Change macOS app icon

Hack on Emacs London meetup bookmarks

Working with OS X and Emacs tips

Building ycmd

Regular bookmarks

Photography bookmarks

Paris travel bookmarks

Org mode bookmarks

London bar backlog

London food backlog

UX bookmarks


Music backlog

UX scrapbook bookmarks

Travel blog bookmarks

Travel bookmarks

Startup bookmarks

Romania travel bookmarks

Productivity tips backlog

Productivity bookmarks

Privacy bookmarks

Lifestyle/wellbeing/health bookmarks

Graphics bookmarks

Nexus Q bookmarks

Golang bookmarks

GitHub bookmarks

Courses bookmarks

Reload inputrc

Learning Emacs lisp

Apple Watch bookmarks

iOS bookmarks

Kerala travel bookmarks

India travel bookmarks

Git bookmarks

Language learning bookmarks

Git conflict resolution déjà vu?

Graphics design tools bookmarks

Emacs key bindings and maps

Video backlog

Flight-booking bookmarks

Frugal bookmarks

Charities bookmarks

Origami bookmarks

Movie backlog

Microservices bookmarks

Books backlog

Gardening bookmarks

Emacs tips backlog

Installing Emacs 24.4 on Linux

Installing Emacs 24.4 on Mac OS X

Xcode6 tips

Simple ssh tunnel

gpg/pgp bookmarks

Emacs lisp bookmarks

Emacs bookmarks

Resetting gnome-terminal preferences

C++ bookmarks

Java bookmarks

Browser bookmarks

Node bookmarks

JavaScript bookmarks

HTML5 bookmarks

Networking bookmarks

Python bookmarks

Development bookmarks

Paswordless ssh with authorized keys

Some python idioms