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Frequently asked questions

Can I try without creating an account?

You bet. Forcing anyone to create an account for the smallest of things is super annoying. There's no need for that.

You can edit any blog that hasn't been claimed. Here's a random one to play with:

svg fortune cookie shows: soulspike

Can I claim a blog handle?

Yes, but for now, you'll need an invite code. Want an invite? Get in touch at invite/@/lmno.lol.

Why do I need an invite?

lmno.lol is in heavy development. We want to get the experience right before opening to a wider audience. Want to help shape the experience? Ping us at invite/@/lmno.lol.

I got a invite, will you charge me?

No. We're happy you've come on board this early on. We'll try to keep you on free of charge as long as possible. Please don't abuse it. We have bills to pay too. If you're happy with our offering and want this platform to succeed, consider becoming a paying customer at some point.

How will you fund this?

We'll host your lovely blog in exchange for a fee. We'll do our best to provide a great service in the hope we keep you as a happy customer.

We hope to onboard paying customers soon. Your fees will pay for our bills, maintenance, and development.

You give us money, and we give you a great service. This is the extent of our transaction.

No other hidden transactions. No adverts. No tracking. No selling of user data.

Can I help fund this?

Like what we're doing? Consider becoming a sponsor, a paying customer, or simply help us get the word out so we can provide for more users.

I don't blog, should I pay?

There are no paywalls here, so you can read fully and freely. Do consider becoming a paying customer even if you don't blog, so the platform remains sustainable and independent. As a paying customer, you'll also get to reserve your own blog handle. We hope to make blogging as easy as writing your own notes and pushing them online. Maybe you start?

How will you grow?

As organically as possible. We hope our users vote with their wallets. We build features they like and they remain happy customers. Hopefully they invite their friends over too.

Will you offer a free tier?

Nope. Sorry. Free web services typically reach out to less transparent ways to fund themselves (tracking, selling user data, advertising, etc). We don't ever want to go down that route. Consider becoming a sponsor or a paying customer.

Why name it lmno.lol?

This is a blogging/writing platform... Abc's, are cool, but lmno's are the best. This is the internet. How could we live witout some lol here and there... and so you get lmno.lol.

Will you offer additional domains?

Quite likely, but we don't know which ones yet. Do you have a great domain you'd like to transfer to the cause?

Can I use my own domain?

We hope to support that.

When will you start charging?

We'd like to iron out any rough edges on core features before we start offering a paid service. If you've joined us via a free invite, we'll try to keep you on free of charge as long as possible. Please don't abuse it. We won't push you to become a paid user, though consider supporting the platform if you're happy with the offering.

How much will you charge?

TBD, but we're thinking roughly $15 per year.

Are you taking feature requests?

Absolutely! Have a look at feature requests. Your feature request isn't there? Ping us at help/@/lmno.lol and we'll add it.

Why no JavaScript?

We'll try our best to keep the platform as lightweight as possible and make it accessible to all kinds of devices including lower-powered ones. Client-side JavaScript isn't strictly necessary for a blogging platform where most content is consumed. We do, however, use a little JavaScript on the odd page. For example, the editing page uses JavaScript for drag-and-drop convenience.

We'll make it obvious whenever we use JavaScript. We'll display a js* indicator on any page running JavaScript. We'll otherwise use Content Security Policy (CSP) to restrict script usage (including injected scripts from browser plug-ins).

Why no advertising?

Adverts often come with strings attached. They can be intrusive, misleading, slow things down, introduce security risks, and possibly affect your privacy with complex tracking. We'd rather stay away from all that.

Why Markdown?

Today, Markdown is the most popular option to mark text up.

Why use a single file per blog?

Increase portability and reduce blogging friction. With so many apps and utilities powered by their own file format, why should blogging be any different? If you choose to move your blog elsewhere, take your blog file with you.

lmno.lol blogs are powered by a single Markdown file. Update it offline at any time and upload when you're ready.

Will you support other markups?

Maybe. Feel free to submit a feature request.

Got another question?

Send questions to help/@/lmno.lol. If it's OK with you, we'd like to also post the answer here.