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Feature requests

See a feature request that's important to you? Do tell us. Got a feature request not listed? Send it to us. Ping us at help/@/lmno.lol.


Enable discovering or browsing other blogs.

Image hosting

Enable uploading and hosting images.

Post previews

Include a short description for posts in the blog home page. One option is to extract x number of words from the beginning of the post. Alternatively, enable users to write descriptions.

TextBundle support

Enable packaging and uploading entire blog via TextBundle.org to include assets.


Via front matter.

# My post
tags: ["art", "programming"]

Updated date

Add the ability to record updated time. Possibly in the form of:

# My post
updated-on: 2014-05-07


A mechanism to add footnotes in posts.


Enable commenting on posts.

Blogger theme override

Enable bloggers to pick a default theme.

Reader theme override

Enable readers to pick a preferred theme, overriding either system default or blogger's choice.

Custom themes

In addition to default dark and light themes, enable bloggers to craft custom themes.

API key for editing

Enable bloggers to update blog outside of the browser. Could be a command line utility or integrating into markdown editors. Generate an API key per blogger.


Register two blog handles and redirect one to the other. For example, lmno.lol/blog redirects to lmno.lol/lmno

Rich text editing

Enable WYSIWYG rich text editing.

Syntax highlighting

Add syntax highlighting to code blocks.


Follow and/or comment on blog posts via ActivityPub.

Custom domains

Bring your own domain.

Additional domains

In addition to lmno.lol, offer alternatives.

Org mode support

Would need quite a few requests for this one. It's a biggie. Coincidentally, I also want this myself. For now I'm using pandoc + a lua filter.