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Why blog on lmno.lol

⭐️ Make the web you want ⭐️

You want a better internet 🌈

You prefer an internet experience that is fast and smooth, free from continuous tracking, advertising, paywalls, data collection, or selling of user data. By supporting services like localhost, you prove that like-minded services are not only possible but fully sustainable without deceitful tech.

You actually care about your readers 🤗

It's rather puzzling so many sites stating they "value about your privacy" and then ask for your permission to share your data with a long list of third parties.

On the other hand, you actually value your blog readers' privacy.

We don't track users in any way. Period. This service neither collects nor sells data to anyone. Also no adverts displayed of any kind.

You want your content widely accessible ✨

Your blog is freely available to everyone, with no paywalls of any kind, and is accessible on a wide range of devices without the need for JavaScript or expensive devices needed to keep up with all the bloat.

Your content is really yours 👌

Your blog is reflection of your local content. You upload your local updates. No need to ever export to get your content back. You already have it.